The 5 Water Types

PH 11.5 : Strong Alkaline Water

The 11.5 pH Strong Alkaline Water is a powerful anti-inflammatory water due to its high pH. The 11.5 is used in a multitude of ways but one of the best is that it's able to emulsify oils which means it's highly effective at removing oil based pesticides, herbicides and insecticides off organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables.

PH 8.5 - 9.5 : Kangan Water

Kangen Water® is perfect for drinking and helps create great meals in the kitchen. This electrolytically-reduced, hydrogen-rich water works to restore your body to a more alkaline state, which is optimal for good health. Uses of Kangen Water® include: • Removing rawness from vegetables • Drinking • Food and drink preparation • Gardening

PH 7.0 : Clean Water

The 7.0 pH Neutral, or Clean Water is safe for infants, children, pets and anyone taking time sensitive or time release medication. Although this what is not high in pH, it still contains powerful antioxidant properties and active molecular hydrogen.

PH 6.0 : Beauty Water

6.0 pH Beauty Water has a similar pH to rain water as well as the pH most similar to our skin. This makes the water easily absorbed by our pores and acts as a powerful toner / moisturizer for our largest organ. Also, since this level of pH is the most similar to rain water, plants tend to thrive when drinking this water.

PH 2.5 : Strong Acidic Water

pH 2.5 Strong Acidic Water has a low pH and acts as a disinfectant that is safe to use around your home. This water has been used in the medical and food industries for years. It is used to sanitize and disinfect due to its high negative oxidation reduction potential, which has been shown to reduce bacteria cells on surfaces, in fruits, veggies and skin.